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Low-energy events

Low-energy fundraising events

Action for M.E. values all our fundraisers, whatever time and energy you have to give. Your support helps to make what we do possible!

Here are some ideas for low-energy fundraising events. We'd love to hear from you if you have other suggestions, too.

  • Bake sales or coffee mornings are simple to organise, welcoming and a great way to catch up with people and raise money. Action for M.E. fundraiser Dionne Grover-Jacques raised £100 selling Pimms and cupcakes at her husband Robin’s studio. Dionne’s advice is to “keep it simple and save energy.” If you don’t have the energy to bake you could ask people to bring or donate items instead.
  • Create something. Inspired by her experiences of M.E., Pippa Stacey wanted to do something to brighten the day of people living with chronic illness. What started as a creative hobby and "fun bit of charity work" has now become a non-profit business with customers in 68 countries. "This is something I still haven’t quite got my head around, especially since most of our work is carried out from my bed!" says Pippa. Want to know more? You can read more of Pippa's story here.
  • If you've been known as a bit of a chatterbox, why not try a sponsored silence – this can serve to highlight the isolating effects of M.E. as well as encouraging donations. Jamie Beveridge, whose mother had lived with M.E. for 15 years when he chose to fundraise for us, raised more than £500 through a 16-hour sponsored silence.
  • Some of our fundraisers are inspired by their hobbies, selling knitting, art and jewellery to raise money. Long time member and support Gill Joffe chose to raise money by selling jewellry she made. Her M.E. symptoms made this a struggle but by taking it slowly she's managed to setup her own online shop through her eBay shop. She told us: "Due to light sensitivity and a tiny capacity for cognitive heavy tasks I cannot manage sitting at a computer screen. However, I've slowly mastered eBay listing on an iPad, which I can use for tiny sessions while in bed. Using voice-to-text makes these tasks possible."
  • Walk with M.E. is our annual sponsored team walk, specially designed for people affected by M.E. and their friends and families. It takes place over 100 days, ending on M.E. Awareness Day on 12 May. Stay tuned for details of our 2021 event.
  • Even simple things, like putting out a collection tin, will help us make a vital difference to the people we support. Please get in touch for collection tins, posters and leaflets, which we can send out free of charge for you to put out in local shops, GP surgeries or other places near you.

What's your M.E. marathon?

Fundraising for people with M.E. is challenging, as even the smallest things can feel like a marathon. Action for M.E. supporter Rachel Ephgrave took on what to her was the equivalent of a marathon, walking to the lamp post near her house 100 times.

Rachel completed her challenge over seven months and raised more than £2,000 for Action for M.E.

“To those who run marathons, do triathlons, climb mountains and cycle vast distances, this may seem a trivial undertaking. I can assure you it is not. To achieve this I needed to pace my energy carefully, ensuring that I reserved sufficient for the essentials, namely caring for my children.”

Due to her health some of her walks had to be done in two parts to allow her time to rest. We think Rachel is a marvel, and her strength is an inspiration. Watch Rachel talk about her own experiences of fundraising in our video.