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Our vision is simple: a world without M.E.

To achieve this there needs to be a greater understanding into the underlying biology and causes of M.E., the development of effective and appropriate treatment options and ultimately a cure found for what is a chronic, life stealing neurological condition.

One way you can help us achieve this dream is by leaving a gift to Action for M.E. in your will – however large or small. Your gift could help fund new biomedical research projects to unlock the causes of M.E. or help us provide crucial information and support services needed by those affected, their families and carers.

Making a will isn’t complicated and it’s an important way of ensuring that your loved ones and taken care of and that the causes you are passionate about are remembered.

Action for M.E. supporter Gill Jackson says:

‘‘The work of Action for M.E. needs to go on, not only to improve people’s lives but to find a cure. I want my possessions disposed of or inherited by people I choose and not the government. By telling people what I want, it stops any confusion of even disagreements at a time when people may be emotionally affected by my death."

To hear more from others who have given a gift in their will and to find out more about legacy giving, including practical tips on how to make a will, download our booklet, Your legacy of hope for people with M.E. or email us at

Together, we can improve the lives of people affected by M.E.