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Where does your money go?

Where does your money go?

Action for M.E. is entirely funded through the generosity of charitable trusts and our amazing supporters and fundraisers, who donate to support our vital work. We are continually growing the charity in order to support more people affected by M.E. In our strategy, we promise to raise £3 to £5 for every pound we spend on fundraising, growing our income streams to deliver more services and support, and greater change.

Our March 2019 to April 2020 Trustee report and accounts show that our recorded total income for the year was £949,527, and we raised £6.91 for every £1 invested in fundraising.

Overall expenditure was £985,977, a decrease of 21% from the previous year as a result of pausing our International Advocacy work and some staff posts being unfilled for periods of the year. During the year, we spent:

Efficient and responsive

In July 2016, we launched our five-year strategy for change, embedded in our values of empathy, clarity, courage and collaboration. Since then, we’ve launched information, support and advocacy services for children and young people, and updated our strategy to reflect that. Led by people with M.E. and in collaboration with others who share our goals, we have made encouraging progress, while always keeping in mind our strategic promise to “ensure that our organisation is as efficient and responsive as it can be.”

“It can be very lonely coping with chronic health problems, and dealing with benefit claims adds extra stress to an already distressing situation, especially when there is no help available locally. Action for M.E. is a valuable resource and it’s reassuring to know that there are wonderful people like you who care and are doing as much as they can to help others.”

This comes from Elaine, who called us for support. Having the right information at the right time can make a crucial difference to those trying to find the best way to live with M.E. Young people and adults with M.E. have told us how our services and support make a real difference to their lives.