Our Healthcare Services

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Please be aware that, given the high level of demand, there is a waiting list for this service.

Our doctor gives an individual, personal, clinical assessment of the biological aspects of the whole person, noting that M.E./CFS affects most systems in the body and is an illness resulting in much more than “chronic fatigue.”

Our doctors are GPs who have a special interest and experience in treating people with M.E. and whilst they are not Consultants in Specialist Hospital Services, our clinicians represent a step between standard general practice and specialist services. A consultation with one of our doctors offers a supportive, personalised and empathic place to be heard.

Our doctors can help with diagnosis, information and recommendations. They cannot prescribe but are able to give evidence based management advice in line with the updated NICE Guidance (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), published in 2021. This guidance was commissioned by NICE and developed at the National Guideline Centre which is hosted by the Royal College of Physicians.

Appointments are available for people with M.E. age 13 and over; and take place by phone, Skype or Zoom (face to face appointments and home visits are not currently available).

Reviewing the information provided regarding your medical history, medication, investigation and interventions tried elsewhere, the doctor will give their medical opinion and provide a comprehensive written summary. This may include:

  • a diagnosis of M.E./CFS
  • a differential diagnosis (working out what is M.E./CFS and what is another or additional illness)
  • reviewing triggers of a relapse of M.E./CFS
  • a symptom management plan
  • advising your GP of further tests or referrals; this may be to other Action for M.E. Healthcare Services, using a multi-disciplinary approach to manage this multi-system illness.

One of our recent clients told us:

“The doctor’s appointment was really helpful. It was so good to have an informed opinion and she showed great understanding.”

Read about our doctors on our clinical team page.

What this service doesn't offer

We are not able to offer emergency appointments or crisis support.

While our doctor’s consultation summary letter may be used as medical evidence to support welfare benefit or employment claims, we do not offer a service with the sole purpose of providing such letters and reports.

For information and resources about the process of claiming welfare benefits, and accessing social care or other services/support, please contact our Information & Support service.

How to refer yourself to our doctor

You can make a self-referral by:

  • completing our Healthcare Services self-referral form, which also has a Bursary section for those seeking help with fees
  • calling us on 0117 927 9551 if you'd prefer to talk things through with one of our friendly Information and Support team. Please note this team cannot answer any clinical questions.

When we receive your completed self-referral form, our Healthcare Administrator will contact you to confirm that you have been added to the doctor waiting list. You will then be contacted again when an appointment becomes available, at which point you will be asked to complete a pre-consultation form.

Prior to your appointment, you will be sent a short pre-consultation form to complete, which will ask you for details of your current symptoms and medical history. The doctor would also like to see the results of any blood tests or other tests ordered by your GP and confirmation of your current medication. This will help the doctor to understand your condition and make the best use of the time in your consultation.

Fees for this service

As a charity, we charge fees only to cover our costs. We aim to keep our fees affordable, and help is available for those in financial need. Help with up to 50% of fees may be available, depending on your circumstances.

Fees for the doctor are as follows:

  • Initial consultation by Zoom, Skype or telephone costs £300. This is for two hours of a doctor's time, which includes up to one hour face to face, followed by a comprehensive consultation summary, as described above.
  • A follow up consultation by Zoom, Skype or telephone costs £150. This is for 1 hour of a doctor's time and includes a combination of a face to face consultation and a summary report.

Cancelling your appointment

We request 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, and reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee should less notice be given. If you are in receipt of a bursary award, then a portion of this will be allocated to the cancellation charge.