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Action for M.E. unveils Parliament Champions network

December 06, 2023

Action for M.E. is today launching a Parliamentary Champions network which will further bolster our advocacy and ensure that the voice of the M.E. community is heard in Parliament. We welcome our first three champions, Carol Monaghan MP, Fleur Anderson MP, and Debbie Abrahams MP. Our champions will support us by proactively engaging in debates and discussions throughout the parliamentary year to continuously hold the government to account for their policies and actions. They will also work closely with us as our engagement plans and campaigns progress within parliament.

Highlighting its significance, our CEO, Sonya Chowdhury, emphasised:

It is critical that we maintain the profile of the 1.3m people with M.E. and those with M.E.-like symptoms following COVID-19 infection. Our Champions will help us do that in Parliament through raising awareness and understanding about the impact of living with this debilitating disease, the support and care required and the need for more research.