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EU parliament calls for more M.E. research

June 18, 2020

The European Parliament has passed a motion with an overwhelming majority calling for more funds to research M.E.

In a resolution adopted yesterday, with 676 votes in favour, four against and eight abstentions, the European Parliament calls for additional EU funding for research on M.E./CFS and the prioritisation of projects focused on biomedical research.

This comes after the Parliament received a number of petitions, most significantly from the European ME Coalition, signed more than 15,000 times, and presented to the parliament by Evelien Van Den Brink, who urged: "On behalf of all patients I’m asking you: please don’t look away."

Speaking on this resolution, which aims to address concerns about the lack of treatment and insufficient funding for research into M.E./CFS, Dolors Montserrat MEP, Chair of the Petitions Committee, said:

“By adopting this resolution, Parliament gives voice to patients’ concerns and supports their legitimate requests for greater awareness and funding for research. We urge the Commission to allocate additional funds for EU biomedical research on ME/CFS, in order to quickly develop diagnostic tests and ensure patients have access to effective treatment.”

While the UK is no longer a member of the European Parliament, discussions over collaboration in research continue in the negotiations over our future relationship with the EU. Action for M.E. would like to see this commitment echoed in the UK Parliament and a commitment to work with international partners to further biomedical research into M.E./CFS.



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