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Facebook fundraiser of the week: 14-year-old Hugh

September 16, 2020

Hugh recently celebrated his 14th birthday. He was diagnosed with M.E./CFS when he was eight years old. He told us:

"It was hard especially after just recovering from an excruciating hernia. For my birthday, I wanted to ask people to donate to charities for M.E. When researching charities, I realised that I never sought the help and support that would have helped me get through this challenge, both emotionally and physically. Knowing this, I don’t want other children much worse off than me to be in a similar situation with more severe consequences."

Hugh asked his family and friends to help him reach a goal of £100 through a Facebook fundraiser - and they went above and beyond. In total, Hugh raised an amazing £447 to help us reach more families with M.E.

We're making him our first ever Facebook Fundraiser of the Week, and say a huge thank you to him and everyone who generously donated.

Setting up your own Facebook fundraiser

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is a quick and easy way to support us.

  • Click "Fundraisers" in the left menu of your news feed; you may need to click "See more" to do this.
  • Click "+ Raise Money"
  • Select nonprofit or charity, and choose Action for M.E.
  • You can then add a title, a cover photo and your story, telling people why you have chosen to fundraise for us and what it means to you.
  • Click "Create" and donations will automatically be sent safely and securely to us.

And that’s it!

Note: Donation and fundraising features on Facebook aren’t available in every area. Click to see which countries or regions can currently make donations or create personal fundraisers and non-profit fundraisers on Facebook.



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