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Forward ME: upcoming NICE round table

October 11, 2021

Update from Forward-ME on the upcoming round table event, hosted by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) next Monday (18 October), to "discuss key issues raised prior to publication" of its paused guideline for M.E.

Forward-ME and our members want to thank the many people with M.E., doctors and researchers who have contacted us to share concerns and frustrations around the delays to publication of the new NICE guideline for M.E.

Forward-ME has been invited to the round table and our following member organisations will also attend individually:

  • Action for M.E.
  • ME Research UK
  • ME Association
  • Science for ME
  • The 25% ME Group
  • The ME Trust
  • Tymes Trust
  • #MEAction.

Preparations for the round table mirror the issues raised by the M.E. community across social media. The charities are grateful for all the feedback we have received. The round table is an opportunity to ensure the rigorous work of the NICE guideline committee is understood by all care providers.

We are not attending to discuss changes. All Forward-ME members recognise the significance of the recommendations in the new guideline, which has been produced and approved in accordance with NICE’s rigorous procedures, and should be published. We share the frustrations over the delay, and are working to achieve urgent publication.

We look forward to updating the M.E. community in the days following the round table, and we hope this is accompanied by swift publication.