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Fundraiser of the week: birthday fundraiser Lizzy

November 20, 2020

“It absolutely made my birthday, knowing that this would in turn help lots of other people, especially in such a difficult year.”

Our fundraiser of the week is Lizzy, whose birthday fundraiser for Action for M.E. last month ended up raising 6x her initial target. Lizzy, who has had M.E. for 11 years, said:

“For my birthday this year, I thought it would be a brilliant present if people wanted/were able to donate to Action for M.E. for me. I aimed to raise £50; a week later, my friends and family had donated a massive £300.
“Over the 11 years I’ve been ill, they have been a great support, to both me and my family.”

Birthday fundraisers are excellent, low-energy options to raise funds to support charities like ours, especially with the limits that have been placed on everyone this year. Thank you Lizzie for your kindness in supporting our work - it really does make such a difference.