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Fundraising Friday: Izzy

March 01, 2024

It’s #FundraisingFriday!

This week we’re celebrating Izzy who is running the Barcelona Marathon on March 10, on behalf of her close friend Sasha, who has M.E.

Izzy has already raised an amazing £1,415 for us and we can’t wait to hear how she gets on in the race!

"I am fundraising for the charity 'Action for ME', a foundation which provides information about the condition to those diagnosed and their families. As well as conducting research into such an underfunded condition.

I hadn't heard much of the condition until a close friend, Sasha, had a massive downfall with her health and was later diagnosed with the condition. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sasha since I was 14. I, and everyone who has met her, know her to be a truly amazing person. She is someone who has a passion for dance can make anyone smile even when they don’t feel great, and cares so deeply about her friends and family. When people talk about someone “brightening up a room”, that quality is something Sasha was born with, and anyone who has ever known her can tell you the same.

Sasha's health took a sharp turn following a series of illnesses that struck her during her early university days. A tumultuous journey led to her diagnosis of M.E. Initially, like many, I understood chronic fatigue as simply impacting energy levels. Yet, M.E. encompasses far more complications. This condition affects the immune and nervous systems, resulting in extreme fatigue and debilitating muscle pain. The spectrum of severity among individuals grappling with this chronic illness means each person's experience is unique.

Since 2021, Sasha has experienced severe ME and has since been confined to her bed, requiring constant care from her family due to the brutality of her condition.

M.E is one of the most underfunded conditions in terms of research, despite it affecting 17 million people worldwide. There is currently no cure for the condition, and symptoms can only be managed, despite the range of severity. I will be running the Barcelona Marathon ultimately for Sasha and her family. Any donation for the charity 'Action for ME' would be greatly appreciated so one day there will be a cure for such a cruel illness."

Good luck Izzy!

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