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Sonya interviewed on BBC Radio Tees

February 23, 2021

Last week, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus called for Long Covid to be recognised as an occupational disease for frontline health and care workers.

"The long-term consequences for those affected and their families will be devastating, both in terms of their health and in terms of the economic impact on their lives," says a letter supported by 60 peers and MPs.

It is absolutely right that everyone living with any post-viral condition deserves understanding, support and appropriate treatment.

What about recognition for those who have lived for years and sometimes decades with M.E.?

That's the question being posed by Bob, whose wife Catherine has M.E.

Bob will speak on BBC Radio Tees around 8am on Wednesday 24 February, alongside our CEO Sonya Chowdhury. You can listen online and/or follow us on Twitter for live updates.



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