About us

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Why we do what we do

People with M.E. who contact us often tell us it’s the first time they have felt accepted and believed. Louise had been living with Long COVID for nine months when she called our Information & Support Service, worried that her GP surgery were not listening to her concerns about additional emerging symptoms.

Louise told us:

“It was just really nice talking to someone who understood what it’s like living with a debilitating health condition without me having to explain myself or being dismissed. I got more useful resources and information from one call than I have from my GP surgery in over a year.”

As you can read in our annual report for 2022 to 2023 we:

We aim to raise £3 to £5 for every pound that we spend on fundraising, growing our income streams to deliver more services and support, and greater change. During 2021-2022 we raised £3.23 for every £1 invested in fundraising.