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BBC Defends Airing of Dragons' Den Episode

January 26, 2024

Whilst Action for M.E. welcomes the BBC's decision to remove Dragons' Den episode 3 (series 21) from iPlayer whilst it is under review, we are disappointed by its continued defence of the episode, despite the concerns previously raised.

In particular, the BBC states "products being featured on the programme should not be seen as an endorsement of them.".

However, the episode in question being aired on BBC One, during prime time, and therefore likely viewed by a larger audience, could be seen by many as an endorsement. We remain concerned that there was no attempt to provide scientific evidence and factual information before, during or after the pitch.

We sincerely hope that the M.E. charities and community are given the opportunity to respond to any future broadcasts relating to the condition, to ensure that the information provided is accurate and evidence-based.

You can view the BBC News article here.