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Have You Tried Yoga - Stavrin

March 20, 2024

Music artist, Steffan Price, A.K.A. Stavrin, has released a new single ‘Have You Tried Yoga’.

The song is now available on Spotify and major streaming services for 99p, with all proceeds of the single being donated directly to Action for M.E.

Steffan says:

I particularly chose Action for M.E. because our values align in wanting to end the neglect, ignorance, misunderstanding and injustice faced by people with M.E.

I am passionate about this cause personally being impacted by M.E., and as I am moderately affected, I want to use what little energy I do have to fight for those who are more severely affected by this life diminishing condition, for better research, understanding and treatments.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Steffan for choosing to support our work and if you haven’t heard the single already, go check it out!

Link to single on Spotify: /

Link to single on Apple Music:

Link to Steffan’s (Stavrin’s) SoundCloud *Parental Advisory Explicit Content*:



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