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Response to quotes provided by Professor David Strain

January 30, 2024

Action for M.E. was very concerned to see the quote provided in the Daily Mail attributed to our medical adviser, Professor David Strain.

David who has asked us to issue the following statement:

"I am very disappointed to see that I have been misquoted and to witness the harm and concern this has caused within the M.E. community. I was very explicit that there is no cure for M.E. and, even worse, that exercise is harmful and should not be prescribed as a treatment.

The intention of the interview was to highlight how difficult it is for people living with this disease to get the diagnosis. When a person with myalgic encephalomyelitis is listened to, however, and learns to avoid triggers such as physical or mental exertion or some high histamine foods, some people may experience a level of improvement in symptoms.

My quote implied that people may be cured with lifestyle and dietary changes. This is not what I said and is contrary to the fact that there is no scientifically proven cure or treatments for M.E., and even those who achieve remission are prone to relapses."