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11 to 17 May is M.E. Awareness Week

May 11, 2020

This week is M.E. Awareness Week.

We are sharing stories of people with M.E. each day, like this one from a supporter in the North West:

“This is a serious and long-term illness that massively impacts lives and needs research and support. The biggest change for me was the isolation. Suddenly, I was thrown into a world where the circle of people I would see shrunk unrecognisably. I was dependent on phones and cards, and would be delighted to see a postman. I was so grateful my husband was and is at home with me. I know we can learn, albeit painstakingly, to be content with being isolated. It is hard getting deliveries but we are getting them thankfully. People have been very kind to us. My main concern is relapse.”

Please download and share our free content, adding your own story if you can, on your own social media. Together we can raise awareness and increase understanding of M.E. and its impact.