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Living with M.E. - A photographic study

February 24, 2022

Would you like the opportunity to share your story about what it is like to live with M.E. through a photograph?

Photographer and film maker, Jeremy Jeffs, is launching an inspirational project to highlight the reality of what it is really like for people to live with M.E. He will be creating a series of environmental portraits showcasing pictures of people with M.E. at their own home, in the places they are confined to by the illness, or the spaces they find peace and relaxation. These portraits will then become a book and exhibition and they will be permanently displayed on a dedicated website.

Jeremy works extensively with charities such as: Anthony Nolan, Dementia UK, and Muscular Dystrophy UK and specialises in collaborating with people who have severe or long-term illnesses.

This project in particular, however, will be a deeply personal one for Jeremy, who has lived and worked with ME for over 30 years since he was diagnosed at the age of 19.

“I’ve filmed and photographed with so many people who are coming to terms with profound illnesses, but I’ve never had the chance to investigate the illness that has shaped my life."

Who can get involved?

You can take part if you have M.E.; you are a carer for someone with M.E.; or you are a friend or family member with someone with M.E.

Jeremy welcomes all people with M.E. – no matter what their level of severity is: “We have such range of abilities, and I’ve spoken to people who love socialising as well as people who are confined to their homes or beds. I’d love to show a full range of how it affects us. "So, whether you have been recently diagnosed or have lived with the illness for many years, or whether you are working, housebound or more active; we would love for you to get in touch.

How to get involved

If you would like to take part, please contact Jeremy by email.

You can also see some of Jeremy’s latest work on the Anthony Nolan website.