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Action for M.E. Manifesto - Write to your MP

October 16, 2023

In anticipation of the forthcoming UK General Election, expected to be called by the Prime Minister in 2024, we have published a Manifesto on M.E. which presents three key calls to help us engage with political parties across the spectrum.

The manifesto calls for:

In the months ahead, we will use this manifesto with the aim of influencing policymakers, their advisors and party officials in charge of shaping the political parties' priorities.

We invite you to join our efforts and help us bring our Manifesto to the forefront of our policymakers' attention, as your voice carries substantial weight and influence.

Write to your local MP

To facilitate your involvement, we have produced a template letter to send to your MP to encourage them to support our Manifesto and work with us to help better understand, treat, and potentially cure post-viral diseases like M.E. By sharing your personal experiences and concerns, you play a significant role in driving positive change.

If possible, consider printing a copy of the Manifesto to include with your letter. Here is a PDF suitable for home printing.

Contact details for your MP can be found on the Parliament website.

We thank you for your support.