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Casey Stoner discusses his M.E. diagnosis and 'Help Cure ME'

October 22, 2020

“As much as it’s great for me to get these warm responses, I hope that other people out there in the world can get some support.”

Two time Moto GP world champion Casey Stoner has spoken openly about his M.E. diagnosis and his hopes for future support for people living with the illness as he partners with Emerge Australia and their new ‘Help Cure ME’ campaign.

Stoner, who announced his diagnosis in December 2019, has teamed up with Emerge Australia as an official ambassador to raise funds and bring public attention to M.E. The new ‘Help Cure ME’ campaign will work to support the newly established Australian Centre for Collaborative Research, which will play a vital role in the global search to diagnose, treat and find a cure for ME/CFS. You can read more about this on the Emerge Australia website.

This Invisible Disabilities Week, we’re grateful to see such an influential sportsperson come out and speak so candidly and bravely about their experience with an illness that is still in need of better understanding from both the general population and medical professionals. Thank you Casey.