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CEO Sonya Chowdhury on the potential rise of M.E./CFS

CEO Sonya Chowdhury on the potential rise of M.E./CFS

July 02, 2020

Our CEO Sonya Chowdhury spoke on BBC Points West today about the potential rise in M.E./CFS following Coronavirus, and the number of people who are experiencing problematic or delayed recovery from COVID-19. She says:

"The ongoing exhaustion, and inability to return to previous activity, is something that has shocked many, including those who may have been asymptomatic or had relatively mild COVID, as they are now experiencing difficult and challenging symptoms."

We’ve seen a 30% increase in enquiries for information and often urgent support relating to the pandemic, from people with M.E. unable to access services and essential supplies. We have now begun formally recording numbers of those seeking support with post-Coronavirus symptoms that have not gone away.

Fitness instructor Emma, also featured on the programme, says:

“I’ve had to entirely change my life from what it was. I'm beginning to worry I may never go back to the job that I love."

While our Crisis, Advocacy and Support team are not medically trained, we can share information and support about managing symptoms, energy and rest for anyone with M.E./CFS symptoms, of any age. Anyone with any virus should listen to their body, and take the time they need to recover.