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CPD module to assist health professionals

February 18, 2021

“Imagine feeling viral, exhausted, unwell and in pain, confined to your bed or house, lying in a dark room for years or even decades. The world has been shocked by the damage that viruses can do, and soon we will need to examine the consequences of chronic post-viral illness including M.E./CFS.”

This is taken from Dr Nina Muirhead’s introduction to her free online learning module for health professionals.

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, we are delighted to be working with the ME Association, #MEAction Scotland and the 25% ME Group to ensure this module reaches more GPs, medical students and other health professionals in Scotland.

We're contacting medical schools, professional networks and training bodies to promote the module, and highlight NICE’s new draft guideline for M.E., cautioning against using any therapy based on physical activity or exercise as a treatment or cure for M.E.

Last week, we recorded a podcast featuring Dr Muirhead alongside Anna and Craig, who have M.E., and GP Dr Claire Taylor, to help promote the module – watch this space!