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First PSP steering group meeting to take place today

First PSP steering group meeting to take place today

October 09, 2020

The first meeting of the newly formed M.E./CFS Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) Steering Group is taking place later today. The project, supported by three Government-backed research funders, has been launched to help ensure that the M.E. research priorities that matter most to the people affected by the illness inform future research.

Led by people with M.E. and clinicians who support them, this M.E./CFS Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) will be facilitated by non-profit making initiative, The James Lind Alliance (JLA).

PSPs aim to identify and prioritise the top ten questions that patients, carers and clinicians agree are the most important, not been answered by research to date, using a methodology tried and tested with a range of other illnesses and health issues.

Details of the make-up of the Steering Group will be put on the PSP Website shortly. It is a fantastic group of patient/carer experts and clinicians. Over the next couple of months the Steering Group will design a short survey which will go out to the community seeking their views on the research questions they want answered.

We will post updates on the work of the PSP on our website and will post videos soon detailing more about what a PSP is and how it can change the research landscape.