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Fundraiser of the week: Bethan Jones

January 31, 2020

Bethan took part in Walk with M.E. 2019, in honour of her friend who has M.E. Bethan raised a brilliant £362 and raised awareness of the condition which has taken so much from her friend.

When talking about her friend, Bethan tells us “She loves nail art, MARVEL, Animal Crossing and is a true Slytherin. She wanted to go to university and already had a medical engineering course picked out. Because of this condition, she struggled with sixth form and eventually was forced to leave because the strain was too much physically and she could hardly manage doing even one day. So sadly, she could not take her exams.”

“I won’t sit idly by when I can help her and others like her. Her life is being destroyed because of something beyond her control. And with how much she likes superheroes, I want to be her superhero now.”

Walk with M.E. 2020

If you’d like to take part in Walk with M.E., whether in honour of a friend or not, you can do so at