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Fundraiser of the week: live streaming Tim

July 24, 2020

Today’s fundraiser of the week is Tim, who marked his 33rd birthday with a gaming fundraiser for Action for M.E. Tim organised a live stream on Twitch of ‘Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric’ on Nintendo Wii and he certainly rose to the occasion as his birthday streaming session generated £123 to support our work.

Speaking about what motivated his efforts, Tim said:

“It (M.E.) is not very pleasant. My goal is to bring some awareness and money to the charity Action for M.E.

"I am playing this wonderful game for Action for M.E. because I want to help others with this condition.”

Despite a technical error preventing Tim from streaming his first choice game, a quick switch to Paper Mario meant his evening stream was able to be a big help to Action for M.E. and our work.

With conventional fundraising efforts such as long-distance fitness challenges being out of the question for many of our supporters, it’s amazing to see people like Tim come up with such creative ways to support the charity. Thank you so much for your efforts, Tim, and a massive congratulations on managing to surpass your fundraising goal.