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Fundraiser of the week: Sarah Middleton and friends

January 24, 2020

Our fundraiser of the week is Sarah and her intrepid friends Catherine, Fran and Liz, undertaking the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in April.

"I’ve grown up with the Yorkshire Dales on my doorstep, but it was a visit to the area last year that made me think: this is stunning! I must climb those hills! Why not walk all three of Yorkshire’s highest peaks, in 12 hours!?"

"I’m lucky. Because while I know this will be a challenge for me, I can in theory, and with training, do it. But my husband Stuart would readily tell you that there is no way he would be able to do anything like this. To even attempt part of it would result in weeks off work, in bed, recuperating."

Stuart has only recently been diagnosed with M.E, after years of experiencing debilitating symptoms, with periods of being unable to work or join in with family life.

"Even to have a name for the symptoms he has suffered has helped him connect with communities of other people who have the same or similar experiences. And that in turn has helped him take small steps to recovery. The undiagnosed years were the most difficult for him, and for the whole family. That's why I wanted to support Action for M.E. in their work to support critical biomedical research to further investigate and validate our understanding of M.E. and/or CFS. I hope that by fundraising for Action for M.E. those people who need it, get the support they need, faster."

From everyone here at Action for M.E., we say a huge thank you, and best of luck to Sarah, Catherine, Fran and Liz, being cheered on by Stuart.

Team goals: Walk with M.E.

Sarah, Catherine, Fran and Liz's are also taking part in our Walk with M.E. fundraiser, and the distance they'll do as part of their Three Peaks Challenge will help them achieve their team goal of one million steps in 100 days.

Anyone can take part in Walk with M.E. - if you are only able to walk a few steps each day, each step still counts. If you aren’t able to walk any steps at all, you can spread the word and inspire your team. Find out more and sign up now at