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Fundraiser of the week: Hazel Wilcox and team

February 28, 2020

This week’s fundraisers of the week are Hazel Wilcox and her team. Hazel, whose sister has M.E., is taking part in Walk with M.E. with her team in order to support Action for M.E. and raise awareness of the condition.

“My sister was diagnosed with M.E. ten years ago and the impact on her life and those around her has been huge. Because of the M.E., she has had to learn totally new ways to go through life.
“It means a lot to me to be able to raise money for an important cause along with the help of a group of incredible friends.”

Hazel’s sister adds: “My friends and family are living life of full technicolour, encouraging me to join them and often being frustrated because they cannot see or understand the invisible barrier that separates us.

“All I want is my health back. I would trade anything to be the ‘old me’.”

We at Action for M.E. are, as ever, so grateful for the support. If you’d like to help Hazel and her team reach their fundraising goal, you can visit their JustGiving page.