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GPs keen to learn about M.E. at conference

October 14, 2021

The Royal College of GP's annual conference is the must attend-event of the year for GPs and practice team colleagues, showcasing the latest clinical and policy developments across the UK.

Delegates have been keen to hear about Dr Nina Muirhead's free, CPD-accredited e-learning module on M.E./CFS, from Action for M.E.’s Deputy Chief Executive, Ruth Richardson and Policy Intern, Catlin Holmes, hosting our busy stand at the event.

Complemented by our Learn about M.E. podcast series, the module was devised to offer GPs and healthcare professionals a new insight into treating and supporting patients with an M.E diagnosis. Health professionals who complete the module will receive one hour CPD-accreditation.

Dr Muirhead developed the programme in partnership with the UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative, the module is around 10 clinical case studies aiming to typify patients who may or may not display signs or symptoms of M.E. with a reflection on the emerging biomedical evidence, evolving international discussions and the patient perspective.

Ruth reports:

"We have had lots of interest from GPs at the conference who would like to increase their understanding of M.E., and we are providing details of the online module. We are also being asked lots of questions about Long Covid. It’s great to see such interest from GPs, particularly trainees who are just starting out in their careers and are eager to learn more."

We are also sharing information about the upcoming NICE guideline for M.E., which we hope will be published without further delay.