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Highlighting M.E. in two parliamentary inquiries

April 30, 2020

Action for M.E. has responded to two important House of Commons inquiries focusing on the impact Covid-19 and the lockdown has had on people with M.E.

Over the past few months we have heard from hundreds of people with M.E. about the difficulties they have experienced about accessing food through home delivery services. We have also heard from those who receive social care about their concerns it could be reduced and leave them without the essential support they need.

Our responses to inquiries being conducted by Women and Equalities Committee and the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee highlight several important recommendations which should be adopted by the Government. These include introducing:

  • commitments that no one with a disability should go hungry due to difficulties in accessing food. This can be achieved through widening existing support to include those who are housebound or have mobility issues.
  • commitments to ensure people with a health condition are not further disabled by society through the removal of essential safeguards and support.
  • dedicated support by phone and email for those who are at increased risk of severe illness and/or are housebound with a disability to access timely advice and information relating to Covid-19.

Thank you to all the people who have shared their stories with us by e-mail and on social media which shaped our response to these inquiries. We will update this story and share the submissions once they are published by the different Select Committees.