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Learn more about the winter flu jab

October 01, 2020

If you’re unsure about what events this year have meant for getting your flu vaccine this winter, consider checking out our ‘Winter flu jab’ page on our website setting out information on the subject.

This resource sets out information on: what the flu is; where you can pay for a vaccination; the safety of the flu jab; research into the flu jab and M.E., and who is eligible for a free flu vaccination. We hope this helps people with M.E. to make an informed decision on having the vaccine this winter.

Dr Gregor Purdie, our Medical Advisor, says:

“It is vitally important this year to protect ourselves as fully as we can. Protecting ourselves protects others and thus the health of the community. Cutting down on flu means that resources to support Covid are not compromised by also having to treat flu as well.”

You can find the full guide in the Services and Support section of our website.



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