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#PushedIntoPoverty: govt urged to stop benefit changes

November 22, 2023

As a member of the Disability Benefits Consortium, Action for M.E. is calling on the Government to put a stop to their alarming benefits changes which could see many disabled people #PushedIntoPoverty

Ahead of today’s Autumn Budget, we stand with more than 100 disability organisations to ask that the proposed changes to the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) be scrapped immediately.

Last month, we responded to the Government’s WCA consultation, making it clear that their proposed changes would “reduce the quality of life of people living with M.E, in addition to countless other people with disabilities and debilitating conditions. The limited capability for work-related activity (LCWRA) group rightfully recognises that some people are simply not capable of preparing for work, regardless of the support that may be provided to them […]

“Action for M.E. sees first-hand the detrimental effect of work coach assessments on people with fluctuating illnesses who are more concerned with reaching quotas than delivering accurate and well-informed assessments.”

If you need support around claiming welfare benefits, our Information and Support team can offer M.E.-specific resources and signposting.