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Survey results so far: impact of Covid on M.E.

April 29, 2021

Covid-19 has a significant impact on symptoms for people with M.E., according to initial findings of the ongoing survey we're conducting with #MEAction UK and #MEAction Scotland.

Gathering experiences of Covid-19 and how it affected them, with 220 responses analysed in our initial findings report, the aim of the survey is to provide data we can use, along with personal stories, to show the Government how Covid-19 is impacting people with M.E. and the need to provide effective and appropriate support.

  • Over three quarters of respondents said that Covid-19 made their M.E. symptoms worse.
  • Not only have existing symptoms worsened, but over 70% reported that they developed new symptoms, including shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness.
  • This impact appears to be long lasting, with over two thirds reporting that the worsening in symptoms has lasted more than six months and have still not resolved.

Standing with #MEAction UK and #MEAction Scotland, we believe these results provide evidence that people with M.E. are vulnerable to Covid-19 and should be considered for vaccination as part of the priority group for those in at-risk groups.

To accompany the report, you can download a letter for people with M.E. who wish to receive the vaccine to send to their GPs highlighting this new evidence.

The survey was launched on 22 March and will remain open for responses over the next few months. The more people who take part the greater the weight of evidence we will have to call for effective support and care.

If you have M.E. and have had Covid-19 please help us by taking part.