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World ME Alliance calls on WHO Director General

October 19, 2022

World ME Alliance calls on WHO Director General to recognise M.E. alongside long COVID

Photo: © WHO / Pierre Albouy

On Wednesday 12th October Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, wrote an op-ed in the Guardian. In it, he lays clear the devastation that long COVID is causing around the world and sets out five key elements of a plan to drive change.

It is vital that the impact of long COVID is recognised at the highest levels, and the World ME Alliance congratulates Dr Ghebreyesus on this stance.

However, as more research is undertaken, it is becoming clearer that a large proportion of those with long COVID now meet the criteria for an M.E./CFS diagnosis. The WHO must recognise this as efforts to find treatments and a cure continue.

Today we’ve joined the World ME Alliance in writing to Dr Ghebreyesus calling on him to meet with representatives. Sonya Chowdhury our CEO and Co-Chair of the World ME Alliance is a signatory to the letter.

Dr Ghebreyesus has previously committed to reaching out to M.E. experts, and we hope that through collaborative efforts we can learn from M.E., and ensure that progress for people with long COVID doesn’t leave the millions already suffering with M.E. behind.

Read the full letter from the World ME Alliance and its 19 members here.