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UK CFS/M.E. Collaborative

UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative

Since its inception in 2013, the UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative (CMRC) has successfully brought together significant numbers of researchers from across the UK and internationally with charities, mainstream funders and patients.

Aiming to drive interest and funding in CFS/ME research - which, as highlighted by the CMRC's 2016 M.E./CFS Research Funding report, represents less than 1% of all active grants given by UK mainstream funding agencies - the CMRC has held four successful conferences, initiated and supported new collaborations, worked with mainstream funders and secured interest from pharma/industry, and brought researchers in from outside of the field as well as partners from charities covering overlapping illnesses.

Following a meeting of its Executive Board in February 2018, the CMRC agreed on a new purpose, objectives and values, which replace its previous Charter. You can read an interview with Prof Chris Ponting, who took up the post of CMRC's Deputy Chair on 1 April 2018.

The CMRC's purpose is to promote the discovery of the biological mechanisms that underpin CFS/M.E., which, together with clinical observation, will drive the development of targeted new treatments for this highly underserved patient population.

Action for M.E. is an Executive Board member of the CMRC and, as part of our research strategy, plays an active part in supporting its work. If you have any questions about our work relating to the CMRC, please get in touch.

2018 annual science conference

The CMRC’s fifth annual science conference will take place in Bristol on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September, with speakers to be announced. Registration fees for people with M.E. and their carers start from £50 for a single day’s conference pass to £250 per person (or £405 per shared room) for a two-day conference pass including drinks reception, delegates dinner and overnight accommodation. The ME Association has funded up to six student awards of up to £350 to help cover the cost of travel, accommodation and the registration fee for students.

The full programme for this year's conference is available but please bear in mind that speakers may change before the event. For more information on confirmed speakers, ticket prices and how to book your place, visit the CMRC Eventbee page.

With speakers' permission, we aim to film each presentation to upload to our Action for M.E. YouTube channel, as soon as possible following the conference (please note that, due to the presentation of unpublished data, some speakers decline to be filmed). Last year's conference presentations have been viewed nearly 10,000 times. A short written report of presentations will also be available.

Join the CMRC

Membership of the CMRC is open to anyone with an interest in M.E. research, with Professional (£20 per annum), Student (£15 per annum) and Associate Membership (free) available.

All members agree to work within the values of the CMRC, and you can apply to join by downloading and completing the CMRC application form.

CMRC Executive Board meetings

The Executive Board of the CMRC meets four times a year to discuss the work of the CMRC and report on actions taken. Click on the links below to read minutes from the following meetings (please note all are draft minutes, before being approved at the next meeting):