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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Jonah Grunsell joined Action for M.E. as Chair of Board of Trustees in November 2016. Jonah succeeds Alan Cook CBE, who joined Action for M.E. in April 2010. Speaking about his appointment as Chair, Jonah said:

“By working together in proactive partnership and collaboration, and drawing on the incredible set of experience, skills and expertise of the Action for M.E. team along with the wider M.E. affected community, we can achieve our aims, deliver our strategy and, most importantly, make our vision of a world without M.E. a reality. I am passionately committed to doing everything I can to make that happen.”

Philip Marsden, our Treasurer, is a chartered accountant and spent many years at Arthur Andersen & Co and the private equity group 3i. He is now a director of a corporate finance advisory company and a non-executive director of two investment trusts. Philip first became aware of M.E. in 2003 when his son was diagnosed with the illness.

Chris Cundy became actively involved with Action for M.E. when he was a Board Director at VT Group plc, and is currently serving an exceptional third term. Chris has been a chartered accountant and company director for 30 years, 11 of which were spent at KPMG where he was responsible for advising their multinational clients.

Consultant radiologist Jane Young and her son have both recovered from M.E. Jane says: “I am aware that the challenges of accessing care and benefits for those with M.E. are a continuing issue, I am determined to keep this a priority despite the difficult economic circumstances.”

Jane Stacey had a career in social work and senior management within a local authority before moving to children's charity Barnardo's, where she was Deputy Chief Executive. She is particularly interested in supporting welfare rights work and the social policy issues that are linked to this.

Sue Hardy has had M.E. for more than 16 years. She worked as a nurse and senior lecturer until 2013, when she suffered a relapse and took medical retirement. Sue spends some of her time talking to local groups about the work of the charity and raising funds in the process.

Gordon Berry, who received a diagnosis of M.E. after 25 years of illness. This led to him being provided with life-changing support. Today he runs a business troubleshooting consultancy, and has held charitable roles as a Trustee and Chair.

Matt Symonds was introduced to the charity when he attended the Speaker’s House reception at the end of June 2016. He was keen to get involved after he heard about the impact of M.E. and the work the charity does to tackle this.

Colin Batten was appointed a Trustees in 2017, following the merger of Action for M.E. with the Association of Young People with M.E, where he had been on the Board. He will work with us to ensure that children’s services are an integral part of our work.

A senior executive within the marketing and advertising industry, Andy Dougan became in Trustee in 2017. He says: “I’ve witnessed the impact of M.E. within my wide family and through a close friend from my childhood, whose upbringing was severely disrupted. By leveraging my experience to help raise the profile of Action for M.E., I want to engage and educate a wider audience."

Ed Stephens is Head of Global Brokerage and Partnerships at Angel Investment Network, one of the world’s fastest-growing start-up communities matching investors to entrepreneurs. He says: “My goal is to give back to this cause, to try and inspire those who have it, dispel doubt in those who dismiss it and be part of a charity that is really trying to improve the outcomes for people with M.E."

Phil Murray was diagnosed with M.E. in 1997, since then he has worked extensively with M.E. organisations, such as Westcare UK, sat on the M.E. patient advisory group for MEGA, attended the NICE guideline scoping meeting in May and co-organised the Millions Missing protest in Bristol in 2018. He has been mainly in remission since 2007 and says that he "wants to see positive change in the lives of those affected by this devastating illness."

Former solicitor at leading law firms in the UK and Australia, Alison Deeth was diagnosed with M.E. in 2006. She says "I have experience of the great harm caused by the ignorance about M.E. and the lack of support for people with the condition. My goal is to use my legal skills and experience in the charity sector to hep raise greater awareness. and to provide greater support for people with M.E. so that they can live more meaningful and fulfilled lives."