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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Alan Cook CBE joined Action for M.E. as Chair of Board of Trustees in April 2010. Alan was previously Managing Director at Post Office Ltd and his daughter Jenny has M.E. Alan says: 

“Jenny had a strong athletic background and a very vibrant social life that were really knocked for six by M.E. It’s great when you have what I hope is a supportive family, and I can see that she has very supportive friends. Having a supportive employer has enabled her to cope with initially not working at all, then gradually building her hours back up. She is now making a pretty strong recovery.But I am acutely aware that there are many people with M.E. who might not have the same level of support and it's really important that Action for M.E. as an organisation seeks to provide as much of that as we can.”

Philip Marsden, our Treasurer, is a chartered accountant and spent many years at Arthur Andersen & Co and the private equity group 3i. He is now a director of a corporate finance advisory company and a non-executive director of two investment trusts. Philip first became aware of M.E. in 2003 when his son was diagnosed with the illness.

Chris Cundy, our Treasurer until 2015, brings considerable financial expertise, having previously been Executive Board Director of VT Group for 13 years and a chartered accountant with KPMG.

Lionel Godfrey is a specialist in communications and marketing, and was Global Board Director of Ogilvy, one of the world's largest advertising agencies. His daughter has M.E.

Ondine Upton has had M.E. for 20 years, and was previously Chair of our Board of Trustees. She is a fundraising consultant, working with not-for profit sector consultancy Action Planning, and previously worked in marketing and publicity for various publishers.

Consultant radiologist Jane Young and her son have both recovered from M.E. Jane says: “I am aware that the challenges of accessing care and benefits for those with M.E. are a continuing issue, I am determined to keep this a priority despite the difficult economic circumstances.”

Jane Logan is a senior lecturer in midwifery a Fellow of the NHS Improvement Faculty which works nationally to share learning and good practice. She was diagnosed with M.E. following a bout of viral myocarditis. 

Former Clinical Lead for M.E. for NHS Dumfries and Galloway, now retired, Dr Gregor Purdie co-authored the Scottish Good Practice Statement on M.E./CFS and has strong links with local M.E. support groups. Dr Purdie is also one of our Medical Advisers.

Jane Stacey had a career in social work and senior management within a local authority before moving to children's charity Barnardo's, where she was Deputy Chief Executive. She is particularly interested in supporting welfare rights work and the social policy issues that are linked to this.

Katherine Thomas became very ill with M.E. in 1999 but is now more mildly affected. She has worked for the Welsh Government since 2004, and represented Wales on Equality 2025, advising the UK Government on employment and welfare reform for disabled people. 

Charlie Stockford has lived with M.E. for more than 10 years. She runs a Sustainability Consultancy company, SustainIt, working to help corporate organisations improve their social, ethical and environmental performance.